Letter to the Editor

As I’ve read the Observer over the years, I have noted that it has become more of an opinion vehicle than an objective source of information.

Letter to the Editor

The dust is settled now on your failed proposal to move the Town Highway Garage and “develop” Ffyler Place. You are quoted in the JI (Jan.29) as saying that “… it appears that Suffield residents believe the highway garage should stay where it is – and aren’t interested in economic development.”

Veterans’ Day Surprise

Dear Editor,

Veteran’s Day in Suffield had many observances: flags on Main Street, flags on homes, flags at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in the center of town. And most moving were flags on resting places for veterans at Woodlawn Cemetery on Bridge Street.

Support for the Observer

The Suffield Observer newspaper has always lived up to its mission: “To build a sense of community… and provide a forum where all sides of issues may be addressed.”

Remembering Suffield Town Center

The demolition of the old Suffield, Connecticut town center was the biggest mistake the Town ever made. Why wasn’t the town center placed in the Historic District by the Historic District Commission?