A Random Act of Kindness

On March 27, as my neighbor and I were taking our early morning walk I fell on the sidewalk on N. Main Street. As I sat catching my breath a black pick-up truck stopped and a young man hurried over to help me up.

Others May Think Differently

In regards to your opinion piece (Good Listeners May Change Their Thinking, April 2021 issue) stating that some residents complain that The Suffield Observer is too liberal. I look at it through another prism that really is quite simple to discern.

ABAR Support

In April of 2019 we moved south to Suffield from West Springfield. We were also drawn by the physical beauty of rural Suffield with amazing historic homes and beautiful scenic roads and farmland.

Police Body Cams

My husband and I are happy to live in a community with an amazing grassroots effort that is working on multiple fronts to call out and defeat bias and racism in our Town. ABAR Suffield (“anti-bias, anti-racism”) is growing in strength and numbers.

Wireless Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry has plans to blanket the entire nation with small cell antennas. This means small cell antennas in our neighborhoods every 300 feet.

Election Signage

I graduated from Suffield High School and my mom still lives here. When visiting in mid-September, I was appalled by the profane election signage that is currently being posted on people’s lawns.

Voting in CT

On April 7, dozens of voters in Wisconsin contracted COVID-19 when they voted in-person. On November 3, CT residents may risk that outcome.

DTC Support

At our recent Suffield Democratic Town Committee meeting we had a great discussion about voter access for the August presidential primary and November general elections. We voted to approve the following resolution unanimously: