Do Votes Still Count in Suffield?

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If you believe in abiding by America’s rules of due process, you support moving forward in a timely fashion with development of the Bridge Street Community Center. If you favor a movement to reverse implementing the legally binding will of the people, then you’ve made a decision to disregard principles essential to our democratic process. It’s that simple.

There is no middle ground in seeking to ignore acceptance and duty of honoring the results of a legal vote (ex: 2016 Presidential election). The Founding Fathers envisioned that all Americans would accept this as a core principle… fundamental and critical to our democracy.

On October 8, 2015, Suffield residents passed a collective, legally binding referendum that appropriated $8.4 M to move forward with development of the Community Center. The time for arguing the merits of this issue ended then and there.

There’s enough gridlock in Washington caused by elected government officials who fail to honor their duty to accept and implement the will of the people. Let’s rise above that in Suffield. The people have spoken, and 25 months have passed without acknowledgement.

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