The Solution Is Complicated

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My concern with the theme of the article [Beth Chafetz’s March Editorial No. No. Not Again] is that the crux of the argument centered on the tools that were used, rather than the root cause.

If we continue down this argument road, we need to also speak about the use of automobiles/trucks, chemicals that can be used to create bombs and other items that can be used for violence. Instead, we need to shift the discussion to the mental makeup of those doing these unspeakable deeds so that we can stop the violence at the source. Taking away items from law-abiding citizens does not even come close to resolving the matter. The people following the rules already are likely the most ardent supporters of helping to find out how we can help those that might otherwise cause a great deal of harm.

Until we shift gears on the discussion, we are going to remain in that ‘we vs. them’ state that does nothing to improve the situation.

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