French and Spanish Honor Societies Induct Members

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Photo by Lindsey Kaspersk

Suffield High School students inducted into the World Language Honor Society pose for a group portrait following the ceremony.

On April 26, the World Language Honor Society at Suffield High School held its annual induction ceremony for new members of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica and Société Honoraire de Français. Members inducted demonstrated high academic rigor and achievement in the study of either French or Spanish. The following students were inducted into the respective societies:

French: Anna Abou-Francis, Paige Anderson, Faith Connors, Liam Duffy, Allison Gambrel, Tori Grano, Alexa Greco, Jewel Hazlett, Lucie Kieffer, Yuriy Mishtal, Mallory Mitzel, Eva Nick, Shavais Oswecki, Stephen Sattan, Nora Shanks, and Gabrielle Stevens.

Spanish: Sheralyn Burke, Michaela Conway, Sophia D’Addario, Stephanie Gibson, Millicent Kochman-Sabbatino, Evan Mankouski, Olivia Murphy, Elizabeth Leighton, Madeline Lightle, Megan O’Connell, Vansh Patel, Joseph Puia, Savannah Price, Matthew Raine, Paityn Salerno, Abigail Sperazza, Nicholas Stomper, Jenna Sun, Gabriella Santaniello, Renee Tautic, and Meghan Voisine.

The World Language Honor Society at Suffield High School is a prestigious society whose goal is to promote language study and to recognize the diverse cultures throughout the school and community. The ceremony began with complimentary speeches given by Mr. Carl Casinghino, the head of the World Languages Department; Mrs. Magdalena Kruk, the advisor of the World Language Honor Society; and Mr. Brendan Canny and Mrs. Gina Olearczyk, assistant principals at Suffield High School. Moreover, introductions were given by both student presidents and vice presidents of the French and Spanish Honor Societies in each of their languages.

During the ceremony, the inductees held candles that their sponsors lit with the flame of the mother candle, signifying their past and future commitment to the study of language and culture, as well as their passion for language. As the candles lit, the inductees repeated the mottos of each society. For Spanish, it was “Todos a Una!” (All for One!); for French, it was “L’homme qui sait deux langues, en vaut deux” (The man who knows two languages is worth two men). The ceremony concluded with two poems, one recited in French and the other in Spanish, honoring the beauty of each language.

Congratulations to all new members of the French and Spanish Honor Societies. Thank you to Mrs. Kruk for her guidance and dedication, to all language teachers in Suffield High School (as it was their teaching that allowed the students to succeed), and to all of the members of the World Language Honor Society for their diligent work promoting cultural sensitivity and understanding. With the addition of these new members, Suffield High School will become an even better and more accepting place for people of all cultures.

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