WPCA in Transition

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The capacity of the plant of the Suffield Water Pollution Control Authority (the WPCA) requires that the plant have a chief operator with a Class IV Wastewater Operator Certification. Class IV is the highest of the operator classifications. The regulations of the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) allowed the WPCA to use a Class III operator as acting chief operator for up to 90 days in the event that the WPCA did not have a Class IV operator in place. This provision was used when the superintendent, the WPCA’s only Class IV operator, was placed on administrative leave. The 90-day period expired on July 18. The WPCA was then able to request an extension of the 90-day period by 275 days provided it had an acceptable plan to have a class IV chief operator by the end of the extended period.

At a special meeting held on July 17, the WPCA voted to request the 275 day extension. The plan for ensuring compliance with having a Class IV chief operator at the end of the extended period was the WPCA’s understanding that Jamie Kreller, Acting Shift Operator with a Class III license, will be eligible to sit for the Class IV exam in January. Mr. Kreller has been studying for this exam. DEEP was notified of the plan and approved it.

During the period of the superintendent’s administrative leave, Jim Rusczyk has been acting chief operator. Mr. Rusczyk has a Class III license and was acting chief operator following the retirement of a prior chief operator in 2013. Mr. Rusczyk is a Suffield native and has been a WPCA employee since 2001.

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