September World Language Student

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Samuel Petrucci

Samuel Petrucci, a sophomore at Suffield High School, is the World Languages Student of the Month for September, 2018. Sam is currently in the French 4 Honors class, where he has shown a strong commitment to speaking in French during class and developing his cultural and linguistic understanding of French. Sam helps to make his class an energetic and engaging place to learn French and brings highly original viewpoints to his work.

Sam is also a committed participant in school life and our community. He is in the agriscience program at the high school and is a member of the FFA organization. He is also a life scout in the Boy Scouts of America and is working on his eagle rank while serving as a volunteer for several charitable organizations. Sam has a strong interest in music, particularly drumming, and he benefits from his widespread interests as he integrates them with his writing and speaking in French class.

It is with great pleasure that the World Languages Department offers this award to Sam. He helps to elevate our learning experience along with his peers to generate an invigorating and immersive environment for language learning. The enthusiasm and team spirit that we strive for every day are embodied in his accomplishments.

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