A Town Treasure: Suffield Academy

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Dear Editor,

As a proud resident of Suffield (since 1970), I am writing to detail the positive impact that Suffield Academy has had on my children and other children who went through the Suffield Public school system.

I coached travel basketball for boys and girls, grades 5–8. Gym space in Suffield was always limited. Not only did Suffield Academy allow us to practice in their gym, but the Academy staff and students were always welcoming. The teams I coached were able to practice in a better facility for longer periods of time and extra days during the week. Other travel teams benefited from the use of our allotted time at the town gyms. Our team went from under .500 in fifth grade to an undefeated season (17-0) in eighth grade and won the championship. These kids will remember this forever, and it would not have been possible if Suffield Academy had not allowed us to use their facility.

Today, I work in an office near the Academy. During my travels around town, I see the Academy kids holding doors for people, allowing people to cut in front of them in lines because they have a large group or just offering a friendly hello. I am very pleased to welcome these kids and staff into our community and appreciate the value that Suffield Academy brings to the town. I believe we should extend hospitality and warmth to Suffield Academy as they are a strong part of the wonderful community we live in.

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