Welcoming a New Business to Suffield

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Pictured with a giant check representing the scholarship won by former soccer player Sabasiano Gallito are Sam Barns, Head Soccer Coach at Old Saybrook High School, Gallitto, former Saybrook soccer player, and James Thomson, whose business helped raise the money for the award.

If you ask James Thomson, owner of NFP Sports, why he moved his business from Manchester to Suffield, he’ll tell you that he wants to plant roots and support the local community. He has a vested interest – James, his wife, and three sons live in West Suffield.

James’ participation in high school/college sports and past professions led him to a business that is focused on enabling athletics opportunities. The benefits of athletics extend beyond health to problem-solving, teamwork and increased self-esteem:

1. Tightly-stretched funding can make it tough, with costs nearly doubling over 10 years through 2017

2. These increases can limit opportunities for those wanting to participate, especially where programs are under-funded.

NFP Sports’ focus is to collaborate with local representatives and coaches to identify and achieve fundraising goals based on timelines and participants. This is done with no risk and no upfront fees.

NFP Sports is in the lower level of Suffield Village. Plans are to hold an open house between Thanksgiving and Christmas where visitors can meet the staff and sample the goods. The grand opening will be in January, when coaches have a moment to breathe between seasons. Firm dates will be announced in social media. Follow them in Facebook at NFP Sports – Connecticut East and @NFP_CTEast in Twitter.

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