World Language Student of the Month for November

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Julianna Service

Congratulations to Julianna Service for earning the award for World Language Student of the Month for November. Julianna is a sophomore at Suffield High School who is currently enrolled in Spanish IV H. She is an active participant in class, asking thoughtful questions about the material and diving deep into the comparisons of the cultures and communities that we study. Her written work displays strong conventions and a stronger attention to detail. She consistently uses the target language to express herself, even when speaking with peers in the class. Her positive approach to language learning is inspiring and sets a strong example for her peers.

Julianna is a student who embodies the core values of Suffield High School. She has previously won the Model Citizenship and Merit Award, the American Citizenship Award, the Core Value Award for Responsibility, and an award for her Enthusiastic Attitude and Cooperation from the Physical Education Department. She has proven herself to be a diligent and conscientious student, earning a Certificate of Excellence for her academic achievements, an award for Exemplary Achievement in World Language, Academic Excellence in both Algebra and Geometry, and Academic Excellence in English.

Outside of academics Julianna is involved with athletics, including varsity volleyball, varsity tennis, and JV basketball. She is a Sportsmanship Representative and she has earned awards for her athletics, including the Rookie Award for tennis and three additional scholar-athlete awards. In addition to her commitment to athletics, she is also committed to the school community. She participates in many clubs from Interact and Giraffe Club, to the Science Fair Club, Academic Quiz Team, and Math Team. She further contributes to the school community by taking part in the Class Council, serving as a Writing Center coach, and participating in the Wingman Program with the middle school students. She is also a member of the Chick-fil-a Leader Academy and the Wildcat Advisory Group. Her dedication extends beyond the scope of our school to include volunteer hours within the community.

Julianna has traveled internationally and has referenced the transformative experience she had while traveling with her family to Italy recently. She was able to visit and experience the culture and community first hand with her grandfather. She has found inspiration in her travel experiences and hopes to continue to travel and explore more cultures and to volunteer in other communities around the world.

This award serves as a celebration of Julianna’s positive attitude, leadership, use of the target language, dedication to her community, and her academic excellence.

¡Felicidades, Julianna!

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