Zielinski’s Kindness Crew

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Zielinski’s Kindness Crew is proud to announce they raised a little over $1,300 for Will Power for Change (http://www.willswillpower.com/) in honor of William Davidson. Will was a 2010 graduate of SHS who took his own life just four months after returning from the Kandahar region. Will did not receive mental health assistance he needed to aid with his adjustment to civilian life. All funds raised will be going to a treatment center to help others such as Will. The Kindness Crew would like to thank Will and his family for his service and legacy.

The Kindness Crew’s Term Two project is going to the dogs! We will be sponsoring a Fidelco Guide dog! Funds were raised at parent/teacher conferences on November 14 and 15 when our principal and vice principals, along with Officer Terry Antrum, had a “bounty” on their head to release them from their handcuffs! Omni, the dog we are sponsoring was present both nights! Contact lzielinski@suffield.org to make a donation! 

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