Rotary Student of the Month – November

Suffield High School’s Rotary Student of the Month for November, Julianna is a senior and a member of our National Honor and World Language Honor Society, and is the president of both societies. She was also the World Language Student of the Month in her sophomore year.

Rotary Students

Congratulations to Ben Begley, who was chosen as the Rotary Student of the Month for September & Laila Lawson, who was chosen as the Rotary Student of the Month for October.

Suffield Schools Offer Food Sharing

Suffield Public Schools Food Service is pleased to introduce our new concept of a Sharing Table. 

The Sharing Table is a place where students can place unopened food and drinks that they choose not to eat or drink. This provides an opportunity for other students to take additional helpings of food or beverages from the Sharing Table at no cost to them.

Connecticut Scholars Award Recipient

Congratulations to Abby Halasi-Kun, who was chosen from among the junior class to receive the Connecticut Scholars Award, formerly known as the Governor’s Scholars Award. 

This award is designed to honor the academic achievements of a select group of Connecticut high school junior year students. Students nominated must be in the top 5% of their class.