Troop 66 Scouts Camp and Climb in Storrs

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Photo provided by the author

Members of Troop 66 are briefed on how to enjoy their day at the Storrs Adventure Park.

On Saturday, September 22, Boy Scout Troop 66 of West Suffield went on a camping and climbing trip to the adventure and climbing park in Storrs, Conn. Storrs Adventure Park allows for visitors to explore the various elements and climbing activities around the park while being securely locked into a system of belays. At the park, after being prepped and instructed on how to climb and use the various elements safely, the Scouts were allowed to go around the park, alone or with friends, and climb the bevy of climbing elements that are scattered around the approximately 600 square feet of the park. The elements are all between the trees on the property, and the platforms on the trees are connected by cable, wood, rope, and zip lines to form bridges.

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the various levels of difficulty associated with the numerous elements, ranging from yellow (easy) to black (hard). After the troop was done climbing for the afternoon, we moved up to one of the very pleasant and easily accessible campsites in the back of the property, where we camped overnight. Overall, the camping and climbing trip was enjoyed by every Scout and we hope to go back to the adventure park next year. 

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