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Most of the group’s officers posed for this picture on FFA Senior Capstone night in January. From the left: Secretary Brooke Tillotson, Supply Officer Elizabeth Leighton, Vice President Jackson Smith, Parliamentarian Cathryne Tronsky, Historian Shannon Leighton, Reporter Ashley Drake.

The SHS Agriscience Department held their Chapter Speaking Day in January, where students participated in a variety of public speaking competitions. These competitions included Creed, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Prepared Speaking.

The Creed Speaking competition was held for freshman only. It required students to recite the FFA creed accurately and passionately. Afterward, each student answered questions about the creed posed by the judges. The Prepared Speaking competition required students to prepare a speech regarding an agricultural topic and memorize it. They then were required to answer questions about their speech. The extemporaneous Public Speaking competition required students to draw from a variety of prompts and prepare a speech in the time allotted. After the time was up for preparation, the student recited a speech to a panel of judges. Afterward, they answered questions about their speech.

The winners were:


Ashley Greene 


 Jackson Smith


Joseph LaFlamme,

Joanna Beaudry

Agriscience also held the annual Senior Capstone night in January. Each senior student in the program was required to make a presentation 10–15 minutes long detailing their Supervised Agricultural Experience, FFA experience and in-classroom experience over the past four years. These students discussed their past and future goals, the skills they have acquired challenges that they have faced and the rewards they have received. This was an opportunity to look back at their time in the Suffield Regional Agriscience Program and show their family and friends what accomplishments they have achieved. We hope that underclassmen watching these presentations will be inspired to thrive and make the most of their time in the program.

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