Suffield Trivia – March Questions

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1. In 1802, it was voted that students provide what for their teacher?
a. a quarter cord of wood
b. a horse
c. housing and meals, payment shared by all
d. blackboard and school books

2. What was opened in 1809?
a. the Connecticut Baptist Literary Institution
b. the first bridge over the Connecticut River in Conecticut
c. the “Poor House”
d. the Kent Memorial Library

3. What was “The Pool” in Suffield?
a. a large swimming hole located off of Halliday Avenue
b. a mineral spring hotel and spa
c. the horse track located on land behind McAlister School
d. a group of Suffield men who owned one-quarter of all the lands of the Western Reserve assigned to Connecticut.

4. Why was the Connecticut Baptist Literary Institution built in Suffield?
a. the Suffield Baptist minister at the time founded it
b. the school was to be built in the first Connecticut town to donate $5,000 for it
c. Luther Loomis donated property to the school
d. the Governor of Connecticut awarded the contract for the school to Suffield

5. Compared to other colonists of his time period, William Pynchon exercised a tolerant policy towards the Native American population. His son, John, felt the same way and had many dealings with native tribes. From whom did John purchase the the southern part of the area known today as Suffield?
a. Princess Mishnoasqus of the Poquonocks
b. Weetamoo, a Pocasset Wampanoag
c. Metacomet, a chief of the Wampanoags
d. Squanto from the Patuxet tribe

6. What is the original name of the town of Suffield?
a. Southfield
b. Pynchontown
c. Deep Harbor
d. Stony Brook Plantation

7. For whom is Ruggles Road named?
a. Carl Ruggles, an American composer
b. Judge Charles H. Ruggles
c. General Daniel Ruggles
d. Reverend Benjamin Ruggles

8. While the Connecticut Colony Census of 1774 listed 1980 white colonists residing in Suffield, how many African-American and Native American residents were listed in the official count?
a. 20 and 2
b. 10 and 15
c. 33 and 4
d. 5 and 6

9. How many times did George Washington travel through Suffield?
a. once
b. twice
c. three times
d. four times

10. Which 19th century Suffield-born artist created several bronze doors for the Library of Congress building in Washington, D.C.
a. Olin Levi Warner
b. Augustus Saint-Gaudens
c. Washington Allston
d. Mather Brown

Answers can be found here

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