Trivia Quest!

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Get ready for our semiseptcentennial anniversary in 2020 by helping to create a board game celebrating our 350-year history! The illustration above is from a game created for Scranton, but “Trivia Quest Suffield & West Suffield” will be modeled on our community, featuring prominent buildings, public lands, and community organizations framed by the Connecticut River and the Congamond Lakes.

The board consists of yellow, blue, orange, red, green and purple spaces. Each color has a corresponding dollar value. Questions are progressively more challenging based on the monetary value, with yellow being the easiest and purple the most challenging.

Players roll the die and advance that number of spaces, landing on a color block. An opposing player will ask a question that corresponds to the color/dollar value of the square in play. If the question is answered correctly, the player wins the corresponding denomination in game money. Play continues until all players cross the finish line.

The game will be published this year, with free copies for schools and community organizations, to increase engagement for the 350th celebration. Watch for trivia night events starting this fall!

The 2019 edition of “Trivia Quest Suffield & West Suffield” will include 220 multiple-choice questions. Please email with your idea for questions and multiple-choice answers. Thanks!

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