ShopRite Kindness Awards Won

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By Paula Anderson

Two Suffield High seniors display the ShopRite Kindness Awards they received recently. From the left: Assistant Principal Brendan Canny, Assistant Principal Ashly Eichorn (in back), Robyn Miller of ShopRite, Andrea Zeller, Gabrielle Zeller, Kevin Zeller, Kyle Erlander; Charles Miller of ShopRite, Principal Jim Blain.

Congratulations to senior Gabrielle Zeller who was chosen to receive the ShopRite Kindness Award for December. Gabrielle was nominated by Suffield High School principal, Mr. James Blain. Mr. Blain stated, “Gabby Zeller has exemplified all of the Core Values at Suffield High School since I came to know her this summer. She was instrumental in planning Freshman Orientation, ensuring a smooth welcome to our school community for incoming ninth graders. Gabby is also a leader in the World Language Honor Society, where she coordinates many cultural events, as well as the National Honor Society, participating in Read Aloud to the elementary schools, being a ‘go-to person’ in the Toys for Tots Campaign, and leading efforts in many other school and community events. Whenever you see anything positive happening at SHS, be assured that Gabby is involved. She does not seek attention and accolades for the good work that she does. She is humble and simply wants to make a difference.”

Congratulations to senior Kyle Englander who was chosen as the recipient of the ShopRite Kindness award for January. Kyle was nominated by Kerri Michaud-Bagley, Suffield High School Art Teacher. Kyle was nominated for “Exemplary Citizenship.” This is what Mrs. Michaud-Bagley said about Kyle. “Kyle is a hard worker and holds himself to a high standard. In school, he is always responsible for getting his projects and homework done on time and cleaning up his work area. He is always friendly, polite and comes ready to work to every class. He offers great insight into the art critiques we do and always gets involved in the class discussions. He is very involved with sports in the school, helped out with the Toys for Tots drive through National Honor Society, as well as initiated the World Language Honor Society clothing drive that was sent to Mexico earlier in the year. His kind, honest and driven personality comes across in all that he does in and outside of school.”

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