Twenty Years for the Common Good

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Mary Anne Zak

Hearty, heartfelt thanks, Observer, for your March page 1 surprise. 

How grand the honor! Not a whisper had escaped! Was there ever so accomplished a secret-keeping group? 

In the psychic meantime, Ruth Zimmerman, early Observer volunteer and May 2019 editor, asked if would I write my May column in observance of the Observer’s 20th Anniversary! Ruth had boarded my train of thought which often derails but was on track for her. I said “Yes!” in a Suffield minute.

Sam Fuller‘s 20 + year- old phone call thrives!

He was building the Observer. “Would you be willing to write a column for it?” he asked.

Of course, I said,“Yes!” Sam and I had worked together on the library board and I had great respect for his leadership skills.

Sam’s commitment to Suffield and community service inspired. His life demonstrated wholehearted belief in serving the common good, as exemplified by his founding of the Observer. As the publication became integral to Suffield, merging local dynamics with widespread dissemination of news and information, the Observer has writ large in local life.

Now in three sections, it reports generously and knowledgeably widespread interests and concerns of Suffield readers. The Observer enhances coverage with gifted photography.

Affectionate and sincere thanks go to all editors, writers, photographers, columnists and go to people who have given generously of skill, talent, time and energy over the last twenty years. For the good of the community, every one of these volunteers has richly modeled citizenship and public service.

Special appreciation goes to Will Hermann whose computer and technical skills grace Observer words, pixels and maturation; to Ann Kannen keeping the Observer steady as she goes; and to historian Lester Smith, indefatigable note-keeper and photo taker who keeps the Observer on a steady diet of scientific observation and articulation.

In their commitment to the Observer, hundreds of volunteers have paid noble tribute to its founder, Sam Fuller.

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