An Educator’s Inspiration

Thank you, Observer, for the serendipity which surprised me in your March issue. Jane Shipp’s article and the photograph “warmed the cockles of my heart.”

The warming sent me to Wikipedia to refresh my memory about cockles.

Making the Golden Years Shine

Do we take for granted that Suffield offers low-cost housing for the aging and handicapped? If we do, we may find it hard to believe that a half-century ago a proposal for low cost housing for the elderly was dismissed.

Giving Thanks and Gifts

Giving thanks at Thanksgiving time and gifts at Christmastime, we count and share blessings. Reaching beyond unease toward peace on earth many yearn to rest, not necessarily as “merry gentlemen,” but as faithful people recalling more comfortable times.

Rounding a Century and a Globe

Retired newspaper reporter, columnist, bomber pilot, and world traveler Dick Hammerich of Suffield by the River surely clocked hundreds of thousands of miles on his way to his hundredth birthday.

School Lore

When Suffield’s economy was primarily agricultural and the top crop was tobacco, there were occasional years when Suffield schools did not open until tobacco was harvested. Children in tobacco-growing families and neighborhoods participated in the harvesting.