Brewery Work Continues

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Rendering provided by the builder

The Broad Brook Brewery, whose construction has resumed after almost a year’s delay, will look like this early rendering, plus a roofed terrace at the left end.

With the wrangling on how to correct the project’s problems settled, construction work on the new Broad Brook Brewery on South Street resumed over a month ago after a delay of almost a year. The recent work has been inside, not apparent to passers-by. Floor drain pipes have been laid for the lower level floor, some wiring has been installed, and rebar for some of the needed structural connections has been set in place. Proprietor Eric Mance, undoubtedly frustrated at the delay, has himself been a member of the work crew. From his recent comment, work outside to refill the deep excavation along the front and north foundation wall with big blocks of polystyrene foam, as explained in the Observer’s March 2019 article, may have commenced before this issue is published.

Another significant development concerns the costs incurred when the Town of Suffield hired a consulting structural engineer to approve the corrective structural work that was proposed to allow the Building Inspector’s April 2018 stop-work order to be lifted. The selectmen have approved an agreement with the proprietors in which they will pay $31,210 to the Town in monthly installments for a year, once the building receives its certificate of occupancy. Negotiations regarding the corrective work were lengthy, and the Town’s expense was far more than the project’s payment for a building permit, which is normally expected to mitigate the Town’s costs in assuring the safety and code compliance of new construction projects.

Proprietor Mance chose not to estimate an opening date, but it is expected to be later this year. 

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