Local News is Important

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Editor’s Note: Former Suffield State Representative Astrid Hanzalek authored a letter to the editor in the Observer’s first issue. We are delighted to receive one for this 20th anniversary.

What would we do without The Suffield Observer? Many years ago, we could rely on Winnie Johnson, Eleanor Smith and Thea Coburn, who were local “stringers” for The Springfield Union, The Hartford Times and The Hartford Courant, to report local news every day as needed. Then, both the morning Union and the afternoon Times ceased publication. Sadly, The Hartford Courant rarely has any stories about Suffield.

Suffield is, and has been, a vibrant, friendly town with probably a thousand folks volunteering their time and expertise in hundreds of different areas with dozens of boards, commissions and organizations. Without the Observer, we wouldn’t know what’s happening where. Now we have dozens of “stringers” who keep us informed with well-written, in-depth stories.

Congratulations to the staff and the hundreds of volunteers who make The Suffield Observer possible. We appreciate all they do and hope they realize that we’re even better informed than we were with three daily papers “in the good old days.”

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