Connector Road

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An important issue that has troubled and eluded our town for many years is the lack of a connector road from Bradley International Airport to the Enfield-Suffield Bridge to divert traffic from Main Street. It is a proposal that I vigorously advocated as First Selectman, but I could not get traction at the time.

I urge the town, its leaders and citizens, and local, state, and congressional representatives, to wage a bipartisan effort to resurrect this project. Area industry is expanding and Bradley is growing, with a current passenger count of over 6.5 million yearly. There are plans this summer to build a new car rental facility, plus a new terminal in the near future, as DOT projects the passenger count to go to 10 million plus.

Fortunately the landscape in this corridor has not significantly changed in the last 28 years. We must make a concerted effort to protect our town before it’s too late. 

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