New Garage Opens: West Suffield Auto & Tyres

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Photo by Lester Smith

Two Larry Skodises, son and father, are pictured in their West Suffield Auto & Tyres, freshly established in West Suffield Center but dependable old hands in the local business of general car service and repair.

This new full-service automotive garage has been open for 2-½ months at 1379 Mountain Road, near the intersection of South Grand Street and Mountain Road.

 Father and son duo, Larry Skodis, Sr., and Larry Skodis, Jr., are looking forward to working from this much improved location, which offers them direct access to Mountain Road, 40% more workspace and much-improved customer visibility.

They have worked together previously in an East Granby facility. Larry Sr. describes his partnership with his son this way: “I’m the business aspect and my son turns the wrenches.”

Larry Jr. has been a mechanic for 30 years. He enjoys providing dependable maintenance on all types of vehicles which keeps drivers in their cars for years. As a Jeep Club member, Larry knows what’s under the hoods of the various Jeep models.

This garage also sells tires of all makes. Larry thinks very highly of Nokian Tyres, made in Finland, and thus incorporated the eye-catching European spelling, tyres, into this garage’s name.

In June, the driveway will be repaved and, hopefully, the last of the tools will be unpacked in the newly painted bays and storage area. Eventually the team will sell a limited number of used cars.

The Observer is happy to welcome this new business to Suffield. 

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