350th Anniversary Trivia Quiz

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1. Major Elihu Kent, Sr. raised a company of 111 Suffield men and led them to the

a. Battle of Saratoga

b. Battle of Lexington and Concord

c. Battle of Bunker Hill

2. The Suffield chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) placed a large rock on the town green to mark where what building once stood?

a. John Pynchon House b. The original building of the Connecticut Baptist Literary Institution

c. First church building in Suffield

3. The much-graffitied quarry on the border of Suffield and Granby on a part of Manituck Mountain was once part of the Suffield-Berlin Trap Company in the 1920s. Why did it close?

a. As it is part of the Metacomet Trail, the State of Connecticut, prohibited quarrying from it 

b. The rock was of poor quality

c. The quarrying produced small earthquakes, making work on it unsafe

4. Suffield Postmaster Edward Perkins received notice from the post office department that what would take place on April 15, 1918?

a. A tax collector would go door to door, collecting taxes

b. Cost of a stamp would increase to 5 cents

c. Free delivery service in the center of town

5. Who was the founder of the Suffield Observer?

a. Jay Presser

b. Robert Warren

c. Samuel Fuller

6. The President of American Secondary Schools for International Students and Teachers (ASSIST) lives in Suffield. He received the 2015 Institute of International Education Europe Award for promoting transatlantic student exchanges with the U.S. as a study abroad destination. Who is he?

a. Robert Stanley

b. Charlie Stroh

c. Hobart Truesdell

7. The first set of twins to be born in Suffield occurred in 1677. What did the Organizing Committee of Suffield do?

a. Gave a horse and wagon to the family

b. Gave them a tract of land

c. Made the father a deacon in the church

8. Joseph Trumble was granted land on Feather Street (East Street) in 1674. His descendants included a painter, a poet, and a celebrated Connecticut historian and…

a. A founder of Yale University

b. Signer of the Declaration of Independence

c. Governors of Connecticut

9. In the original settlement of the town, two areas for common use were set up. One in the center of town was for a meeting house or school and training grounds. The other was to be used for feeding cattle. Where was it?

a. On the bank of the Connecticut River

b. On land near Muddy Brook

c. East and below the West Suffield Mountain

10. The first town meeting was held on March 9, 1682 with 34 qualified voters. Five selectmen, a town clerk, a sealer of leather, two highway surveyors and one other position were chosen for one year. What was the position?

a. A minister

b. A land measurer

c. A treasurer

Answers can be found here.

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