Friends of the Library Announce Book Collection Changes

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The final book collection at 61 Ffyler Place was held on June 1. The Friends’ monthly book collections will begin at the newly renovated library at 50 North Main Street on Saturday, July 6, from 10–noon. Donors can bring their book donations into the new entrance, where they will be met by volunteers. Book collections will continue to be held at 50 North Main Street on the first Saturday of every month except September.

During the 4½ years that the library was located at Ffyler Place, book donors were permitted to leave book donations in that library lobby in-between book collections. But now that the library has returned “home,” book donations may only be brought to the library during the monthly book collections on the first Saturday of each month. The fire marshal has ruled that no books can be stored in the lobby, and no book storage space exists elsewhere in the library. If you cannot bring your book donations to the library during any of the regularly scheduled book collections, please call Bob White at 860-668-0468 so that other arrangements can be made.

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