Signs, signs, signs

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When someone places a sign on the Town Green or along a roadside, I assume that they want the public to know something. Usually the main message is in large, readable letters. However, the rest of the important information is in letters so small that it cannot be read from your car. Now we all know that Suffield is not exactly a walking town, so most of the info cannot be seen by a passing motorist.

What to do? You could drive around several times and try to read the total message. Or you could park your car and get out and walk to the sign. Maybe if you are computer savvy you could go home and try to find the rest of the information on line.

I recently saw a sign stating TAG SALE and the rest of the sign was a blur. Another sign about a person coming to town to talk about the drug crisis was totally printed too small.

So to all our sign makers please make your signs accessible to those who want to know what is going on. A sign only needs to have basic information such as what, when and where. More information than the basics will crowd the sign and make it unreadable.

There are so many worthwhile activities going on in our town and those holding events want these happenings to be well attended, so let’s make those signs with large letters and only the most necessary and basic statistics pertaining to the event so that these signs can be easily read.

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