Following the Science?

Over the course of the past two years, the Board of Education has stated that their decision making has been based on guidance from the CDC. However, when it comes to the CDC recommendation that students are given twenty-five minutes of time strictly for eating lunch in school, the Board does not comply.

Book Challenges

Does a book earn a mark of distinction if it is challenged or banned?

An Educator’s View

In 2018, I wrote an editorial for the Observer related to gun violence.

Always Growing

Spring, a season of growth. Buds are blooming, plants are sprouting and the air blows with promise.

Pedestrians Watch Out!

According to the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center, 2022 “could become one of the more deadly years for pedestrians in the state, continuing a troubling trend.”

We Can Do Better

There’s no question that the last two years have been rough on everyone.

Kudos to Our Public Works Crew

My husband and I have lived in several kinds of places: two medium sized cities, a large city and Suffield.

COVID Confusion

The new Omicron variant of COVID-19 has brought new challenges. Like many of you, I am confused about what rules to follow, for how long, when, and where.