A Light at the End of the Tunnel

2020 has certainly been a stressful year in all our lives, and the last few months particularly so. Dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, along with a hotly conducted and somewhat uncivilized presidential election, has added to the strain.

Love in the Time of Covid

Here in this time of Covid-19, with all its limitations and boundaries, there are some relationships that have come to be more important than ever. If you are a pet owner, you know what I mean.

An Election Year Plea

Well another election season is upon us. But this editorial is not going to encourage you to vote.

How Covid-19 Has Affected Students

In February 2020, most Suffield students had found themselves continuing to endure a busy and demanding schedule, on track to finish the school year strong; however, Covid-19 suddenly put the year on pause, instilling boredom, fear and loneliness in many.

Comedy Needed

The coronavirus is no laughing matter. Since March, it’s been difficult to even chuckle.

We Are Back!

Well, we are back. With this July edition and an August edition planned to follow (rather than our customary single summer edition), we happily return to our printing roots.


What makes a man a good father? I have asked myself this question many times over the last several weeks.


The last several weeks have changed the lives for all of us. The COVID-19 reality has created a storm of varying proportions worldwide. For some, it’s more a time of forced catching up and slowing down, but for many others, it’s scary, disruptive and life-changing in disappointing and terrifying ways we never could have imagined even four months ago.

Chairman’s Notes

Included in this issue, you will see a Letter to the Editor from Michael Stevens, regarding his perception, undoubtedly shared by others, that too many articles, editorials and cartoons demonstrate a negative tone, particularly in respect to our First Selectman.

Discouraging Results; a Worrisome Precedent

For years, Suffield has worked at trying to build a community center in Suffield. As early as 1995, the town studied how this might be done.