100 Years Ago in Suffield

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Selected from the pages of the Windsor Locks Journal and lightly annotated by Wendy Taylor of Kent Memorial Library.

 November 7

Rev. George D. Reid, aged 70 years, a native of this place, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Denton S. Rhodes, in Hartford… George Darius Reid was born in Suffield in July, 1849, a son of the late Samuel N. and Louisa Austin Reid. He attended the public schools of the town… He graduated from Yale college in 1874 and was class poet.…

He was a naturalist and had made an exhaustive study of shells and fresh water sponges and was considered an authority among scientists. He was fond of taking long walks and frequently walked from Hartford to this place, and from here to Winsted and other places. He made frequent visits to this place and had a large circle of friends and acquaintances here.

Rev. S. A. Apraham of this place made application to the superior court at Hartford last week to have his name changed to Newell Wordsworth Whitman, which has been granted by the superior court. About $1,200 has been subscribed toward the parsonage fund of the Third Baptist church. It is expected to raise $2,000 and the pastor of the church, Rev. Mr. Ellison, hopes to complete the fund soon.

November 14

There has been some sentiment expressed since the closing of the community festival for the erection of a Community House somewhere in the center of the town that could be used for moving pictures once a week and for lectures and entertainments such as have been given in the recent festival. The plan most talked of is to build a one-story hall, capable of seating from a thousand to twelve hundred people. It is suggested that a basement be placed under the building and that later bowling alleys and other forms of entertainment could be added. 

November 21

The parishioners of the Sacred Heart church held a very enthusiastic meeting recently at which time it was decided that again this year they would give one of their famous chicken pie suppers. The supper will be given Thursday evening, December 11th, in the gymnasium of the Suffield Military School [Suffield Academy].

The thermometer this morning registered 14 degrees above zero, the coldest morning of the season thus far. The ponds are frozen over, and boys are beginning to try the ice to see how long it will be before the ice is thick enough to skate on.

Wesley Sperry is spending a few days at the home of his parents, after recovering from an attack of scarlet fever.

Joseph Adams, Jr., has purchased a new Chevrolet car.

November 28

Asa L. Strong, aged 70 years, died at his home in this place Monday night after a long illness. For nearly fifty years he conducted a drug store in this place, starting in the block now occupied by the Martinez store and moving to Loomis block when it was built a year or two later. He came to this place from Northampton, Mass., and although a stranger, his genial manner soon won him many friends and his store became headquarters for the young men of his generation and the younger generation, and in the little back room of his store were planned many of the important events of the town.

A union Thanksgiving service was held at the First Congregational church… The sermon was preached by the Rev. E Scott Farley, pastor of the Sceond Baptist church. There was a special musical program. 

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