Do You Know the Elite?

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Photo by Diana L. Ferrari

PJM Elite Rhododendron

We have all seen or have planted a rhododendron of one variety or another.

If you are or will be shopping for a flowering evergreen bush, here’s the perfected, healthy, beauty to look for: The PJM Elite Rhododendron. We have grown both the basic PJMs and the PJM Elite and the Elite variety is the better choice. The Elite is hardier, more dense and looks fuller than the older basic PJMs. Here are some features and planting tips:

PJMs are compact, dense and rounded with leathery bronze-green foliage and you can expect beautiful, lavender-pink blooms in spring. The foliage will turn a plum-purple in autumn.

Height and Width: 4-5′ tall by  3-4′ wide.

Planting Care: Use enriched, well-drained soil mixed with peat moss. Tease apart roots. Water well and mulch. It’s best to situate them where they are protected from the afternoon, blazing sun. Fertilize in spring.

The ideal time to plant shrubs and trees is in the spring or fall. Many planters advocate planting shrubs and trees in the fall.

Happy planting my friends!

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