Library Staff – “Thank You”

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The community of Suffield should be thankful to Jackie Hemond, Library Director, and her library staff. With the Kent Memorial Library closed for almost five years, they managed to provide services to our residents through an undersized temporary building on Fyler Place. To say this was an inconvenience for them is an understatement. They managed to hold most of their usual events there or they were creative in finding a more suitable place in which to hold them.

The reopening of the library was such an up-and-down situation with the Department of Environmental Protection calling all the shots that planning was extremely difficult. Basically the Town had no control over the situation. Nobody actually knew for certain when the library building would be allowed to re-open, so long term plans were impossible to make. However, our director and her staff persevered in providing great services to the community. We should be grateful to Jackie and her staff for their dedication and professionalism. 

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