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SHS Phys Ed teacher and coach Dan Gatto, left, is pictured recently with alumnus Nolan McCoy, SHS 2014, who was heading for Rwanda to lead a community-growing program teaching basketball and life skills.

Nolan McCoy is a 2014 graduate of Suffield High School. He was captain of the basketball team in 2013 and 2014. 

To make a long story short, this kid is doing some outstandingly inspirational work. He graduated from Northeastern last year, and after that he did some community work in South Africa for eight months. He is now about to head to Rwanda for a year. This trip to Rwanda is a fellowship for an organization called Shooting Touch. It is a very competitive job to get and he interviewed, applied and got the job. To see his application video, which is amazing, google Youtube Nolan McCoy. Nolan will be there for one year at minimum, working to grow the community into a better place through teaching basketball and life skills. He will be the head of the organization in Rwanda for this time. 

The program has been going on for seven years and all seven of the previous fellows ended up working in connection with the NBA somehow, which is Nolan’s ultimate goal. To learn about the Rwanda fellowship program, go to Nolan will be leaving next week and I will be keeping up with his experience through the blog that he will keep. I will also be sending him a list of questions to answer about his past, present and future experiences. 

Those who remember Nolan might not recognize him now, with the long hair. Nolan is doing truly inspirational work! He is just a special kid; one of Suffield’s “All Time Greats!”

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