Suffield’s Proud History of Preservation

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  Riding through Suffield Connecticut on a sunny fall day, one cannot help but be impressed by the stunning natural beauty of our town, from the stately and elegant sycamore trees lining historic Main Street to the open rich agricultural fields, recently groomed after harvest, and the vast open spaces, home to a large variety of native plants and wild life.

  Suffield is blessed with some of the best farmland soils in the state, in addition to scenic vistas, wildlife habitats, botanical sites, historically preserved sites and recreational opportunities. The uniqueness of Suffield’s beauty is enhanced by the Connecticut River to the east, the Congamond Lakes to the west, and a trap rock ridge-line running north to south. Some of the town’s natural attractions include: Sunrise Park, Stony Brook Park, Jesse Fowler Smith Forest, Lewis Farm Bird Sanctuary and Hilltop Farm. There are also numerous walking and biking trails throughout the town, such as the exceptional Rails to Trails in West Suffield and a portion of the Metacomet trail located on the mountain in West Suffield running from the state line on the north along the mountain ridge to East Granby and beyond. In addition there is the Canal Trail State Park running alongside the Connecticut River between Suffield and Windsor Locks.

   The goal of preserving the beauty of Suffield was not accidental. The idea was initially captured many years ago by the members of the Suffield Land Conservancy and Planning and Zoning Commission that implemented programs like the Open Space and Farmland Preservation Program which have enhanced the protection of unique properties and are continuing to be followed.

  The benefits of land conservation are many: reducing air and water pollution, preserving open green spaces, protecting fish and wildlife habitat, all of which preserve and maintain the rural characteristics of our town.

  Since the history of Suffield is rooted in agriculture, it followed that the 1999 POCD (Plan of Conservation and Development) set the stage for farmland preservation and protection of our rich agricultural heritage.

  The acquisition of development rights and outright purchase of open space have been the preferred method of protection of the town’s natural resources.

  Recently the Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen have helped preserve pristine properties through the town budgeting process.

  Suffield has taken a lead in the State of Connecticut Farmland Preservation Program by preserving a certain number or acres to insure that farmland is preserved for future generations. Suffield’s goal is to preserve a minimum of 55% of residentially zoned land.

  The Boards of Selectmen and Finance, along with town residents have always been supportive of the Farmland Preservation Program by allocating money to participate in this program through town funding.

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