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The Suffield Observer newspaper has always lived up to its mission: “To build a sense of community… and provide a forum where all sides of issues may be addressed.”

I believe your readers concur that our newspaper is like a trusted friend. I was taken aback reading the July “First Selectman Update.”

Ms. Mack directed criticism at the Observer staff and proclaimed “Fake News.”  She said they shirked their responsibility for “Impartiality, Truth, Accuracy, Verification and Independence.”

Other falsehoods were that contributors are “not trained professionals” and “lacking Journalism 101.” This is juvenile behavior.

Thankfully the editors wrote a well worded rebuttal. The directors and contributors DO have professional training and qualification to uphold “established standards” for factual reporting.

Ms. Mack also mentioned telling “career day” youngsters how “leadership” meant “grappling with difficult decisions.” This was a pretense for her first public mention of the Bridge Street Community Center in over two years. Clever wording doesn’t justify a poor decision. Scores of residents worked and rallied for 14 years to secure this Town Asset – leading to a binding YES Vote. True, and we have Town Charter laws preserving voting rights. Ms. Mack has prevaricated and mishandled her elected position. This could set a bad precedent where a future First Selectman of Town could solely overturn the result of any Town referendum.

That Ms. Mack grappled with a difficult decision in defending her deficiency of ethics and propriety by slandering the Suffield Observer newspaper staff is shameful.

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