Veterans’ Day Surprise

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Dear Editor,

Veteran’s Day in Suffield had many observances: flags on Main Street, flags on homes, flags at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in the center of town. And most moving were flags on resting places for veterans at Woodlawn Cemetery on Bridge Street.

For me the most moving event was when the doorbell rang mid-afternoon and three young scouts from Troop 11963 were at the door. The young middle girl handed me a 3×5 card and five American flag wrapped Tootsie Rolls. The handwritten note on the card: “Thank you for your service”.

Thanks to the troop, and to the leader patiently sitting in the car. I had such a surge of pride for Suffield that such a meaningful tribute is done on a special day. Thank you Troop 11963. 

Jackie Birmingham 

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