Are You a Doer in February?

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Here are some friendly tips and pastimes for a February To-do List:

1. Peruse seed catalogs, calendars and the Old Farmer’s Almanac allowing yourself to be inspired.

2. Bathe indoor plants with mild, soapy water and rinse well.

3. Divide and repot root-bound plants with fresh, new professional-mix potting soil.

4. Prune indoor plants and give cuttings to friends and neighbors.

5. Sip hot tea, feed birds and take their photos.

6. Sketch a new garden plan or thoughtfully revamp an existing one.

7. Formulate plans to remove unwanted/dead trees and shrubs.

8. Determine your lawn’s requirements for the upcoming season – dethatching, aerating, etc. may be needed.

9. Assess your home environment. Change filters, batteries, buy salt lamps, install a water filtration system, etc.

10. Send Valentine’s Day cards to loved ones.

11.  Teach a child to create homemade Valentine cards or decorations, fun and memories straight from the heart for young and old.

12. Think of a  love-gift – do a house chore  that a family member usually does without telling them. When they go to do it – SURPRISE!!!

13. Say positive affirmations and give gratitude for blessings.

14. Eat dark chocolate!

Stay warm, and Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends.

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