New Chief Operator at WPCA

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We welcome Suffield’s new WPCA Chief Operator, Alex Kaminski. Mr. Kaminski was the Assistant Superintendent at the Farmington WPCA. He comes to our town with 12 years of experience and Class I, II, and IV certifications.

This amiable young man works closely with Jamie Kreller, the WPCA Superintendent. When asked to discuss the differences in their roles, Mr. Kaminski stated that Mr. Kreller is the Administrator of the WPCA and thus he must make sure the sewer laws and ordinance for all buildings, compliance with sewer contractual expectations, safety programs, and staffing are in place. “It is my job to shadow and interface with Mr. Kreller” so that they both know exactly what is going in at the facility in policy and procedure at all times. They also strategize about long-term goals. Mr. Kaminski emphasized his responsibility to know how the plant is operating at all times and to keep Mr. Kreller informed.

Mr. Kaminski briefly described the work of the WPCA’s staff Biologist. This scientist reviews operational data, such as the biological conditions of “the flow” throughout the system. He conducts biological experiments on the microbiological organisms throughout the treatment system.

Our treatment plant is well-designed and the effluent (the water which is released into the Connecticut River after its treatment) is of a very high quality. It has very low nitrogen and phosphorus contents.

Alex Kaminski is enthusiastic about working in Suffield. He exudes a positive attitude and a desire to keep standards high at this essential town facility.

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