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At Thanksgiving my nine-year-old granddaughter took my laptop and wrote an essay about her latest tech acquisition, a GizmoWatch.

In fact-checking I found that Verizon’s GizmoWatch is expensive ($180 plus $5 per month for service) and is one of many children’s smartwatches on the market. For about $30-$40 you can get one that gives the kids colorful games to play and often a camera, but rarely GPS service and phone capability. The GizmoWatch with its emphasis on child safety does have these features.

When buying a children’s smart watch, you choose among many many features offered: you need to make sure that it is compatible with your mobile phone; you may have to buy software to make phone connection possible; and you have to watch out for warnings like the one against buying Gizmo Pal 2 or Gizmo Gadget because Verizon will be upgrading to a higher power level that won’t be compatible with these older watches.

There are lots of ratings and reviews online but the list of “best” smart watches differs from site to site, and the GizmoWatch is seldom mentioned. So with a firm “caveat emptor” and no intention to endorse any particular brand, I present Izzy’s rave about her new watch.

Get Your Child a GizmoWatch

By Izzy Yim

Live GPS Tracking

If you are looking for a safety watch for your child you should get them a GizmoWatch. It is good for your kids with live GPS tracking so you will always know where your child is.


Your child can call you if there is an emergency. Or you can call your child through the gizmo watch app called gizmo hub. Your child will have a “phone number” for the watch. If you forget the phone number, it’s ok because it is on the gizmo watch.


With the gizmo watch you can text but you have to have the app in order to text from the gizmo. The gizmo watch has pre-made text messages as well as voice messages and emojis. Your child can text other gizmo owners. But the parents have to approve who they are texting.

Other Things the GizmoWatch can do

The gizmo can do many other things. It always tells the time and date. Parents can make a to-do list on it for their child. The gizmo watch can also set a timer up to 24 hours. There is also a stop watch.


Your children can customize their watch with the different watch bands and the background for their Gizmo Watch. They can change their background whenever they like. Whatever they are feeling the GizmoWatch will have it. Your children can also customize their ring tone for when someone calls the watch. There are many different kinds of ring tones too.

And that is why I think you should get your child a GizmoWatch. 

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