Our Plugged-In Kids

I have been thinking about children and their relationship to today’s electronic devices. Several of my friends are of the opinion that small children should be denied use of these devices so that other aspects of their development, e.g., physical and social, are not compromised.

Quantum Physics for Second Graders

There are big things and small things in our world, and they work in different ways. In the Big World are all the things that you can see around you, so these are the things we learn about first. Even as a baby, you begin to notice that some things are big and heavy and you have to try harder to push or lift them.

How Are You?

An upcoming doctor’s appointment had me wondering how I was going to answer the Dreaded Question of “How are you?” A response of “Fine, thanks, how are you?” was probably not going to be sufficient.

Print Me a House

The use of 3D printing in manufacturing has quietly slipped into our culture and become widespread in its usage, especially in medical, automotive, aerospace, and consumer products. Lately it is beginning to be used more in the construction of buildings and bridges.