Where in the World is the Observer?

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On a cruise that included the Virgin Islands, Dan and Diane Phelon took the October Observer to Ushuaia, the capital city of Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia. Patagonia is a large region including the southern end of both Argentina and Chile. The proud citizens of Ushuaia have expanded their motto to read “The City at the End of the World, the Beginning of Everything.”

Posing with The Suffield Observer on the Great Wall of China near Beijing are, from the left: Ron and Karen Carlson and Candi and Wayne Bloomrose. Former residents Candi and Wayne had joined the Carlsons for the 20-day trip in October. The Observer has visited the Great Wall six times now, with many Suffield travelers at various locations on the wall.
At the left three adventurous aeronauts show a recent issue of the Observer, which they had taken for good reading high over Cappadicia, Turkey, in mid-November. The landscape seen from these popular balloon rides includes extraordinary features, including ancient and current homes and churches carved into the volcanic rock. From the left: Kathleen Horrigan, Ginny Bromage, and Kathy Krar.

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