Kids’ “Floats” to Lead the 350th Parade

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Both photos by Judy Edwards

Traveling in Amsterdam last summer, the author encountered a parade featuring children and their flower-decked vehicles, the inspiration for adding a kids’ section in our 350th parade.

A children’s parade, with entries like the ones pictured above and below, will highlight the start of the 350th anniversary parade this fall on October 10. 

All bicycles, training wheels, tricycles, big wheels, wagons, strollers and wheelchairs can participate. You can use a cargo bike if your children are too young to ride. (No scooters or skateboards). 

Start planning things you will decorate with: flowers, streamers, balloons, flags and bows. Local “dollar” stores can be a one stop for decorating supplies. Decorate your helmet and basket, too. You’ll have fun. 

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