The Connecticut Next Generation Accountability System

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In Connecticut, we believe all students have the ability to learn, grow and rise to the challenge of high expectations. The Connecticut Next Generation Accountability System helps us deliver on our promise of a high quality education for all by creating a more comprehensive, holistic picture of how our students and schools are performing.

What is the Connecticut Next Generation Accountability System?

Connecticut’s Next Generation Accountability System is a broad set of 12 indicators that help tell the story of how well a school is preparing its students for success in college, careers and life. The system moves beyond test scores and graduation rates and instead provides a more holistic, multifactor perspective of district and school performance and incorporates student growth over time.

What are the 12 indicators?

1. Academic achievement status measured by state assessments

2. Academic growth

3. Assessment participation rate

4. Chronic absenteeism

5. Preparation for postsecondary and career readiness – coursework

6. Preparation for postsecondary and career readiness – exams

7. Graduation – on track in ninth grade

8. Graduation – four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate – all students

9. Graduation – six-year adjusted cohort graduation rate – high needs

10. Postsecondary entrance rate – all students ( college enrollment)

11. Physical fitness

12. Arts access

What has changed since the previous accountability system?

There are two main differences with this accountability system, initially implemented in March 2016. First, in addition to measuring academic achievement, this system also focuses on student growth over time. Measuring growth provides a more accurate picture than just looking at a snapshot in time of student performance. The second big change is that this accountability system includes additional key indicators, such as chronic absenteeism, physical fitness and arts access. Research tells us that students who attend school on a daily basis and maintain a healthy lifestyle are more likely to graduate and succeed in college. Access to an engaging art curriculum creates a better-rounded educational experience.

How do we use the above accountability system?

The Next Generation Accountability System helps us measure school and district success toward the goal of providing every student a quality education that prepares him or her for success down the road. Each school receives a score calculated using a formula that incorporates the accountability system indicators. There is a tiered system of resources and support for schools based on their score. Schools with low student performance and a low accountability score could be designated turnaround schools meaning they would have to create and implement a plan for accelerating school improvement.

Will the accountability system help Connecticut close its achievement gap?

Yes. A key feature of the system is that it separates data for high-needs subgroups of students. That gives us a better idea of how students living in poverty, students who have disabilities and students learning English are performing in school and how we can better support them on the path to success.

How does the accountability system strengthen transparency in school performance?

As part of the Next Generation Accountability System, schools receive a report that provides a picture of how the school measures up on all 12 of the indicators. The data are easily searchable and provide a more comprehensive, holistic picture of student and school performance.

Who created the accountability system? Was it a collaborative process?

For two years, the Connecticut State Department of Education actively sought feedback regarding the accountability system from district and school leaders, Connecticut educators, state and national experts, CSDE staff and many others. The “next generation” system is a direct result of this extensive consultation process.

Where can I get more information?

To learn more about the Connecticut Next Generation Accountability System, visit Connecticut’s interactive data portal, Edsight.

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