A Note to, and About, Our Advertisers

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It has become obvious that, for the safety of all, it is important that our office remains closed.  Accordingly, sadly we will not yet be able to resume our printed edition.  However, we will once again publish an online only edition in May 2020.

We understand that many of our loyal advertisers may be going through a tough time, and we have again decided that, at least through our May edition, the online edition will contain advertisements from all our customary advertisers, whether they traditionally advertised online as well in the print edition,  with no advertising charge.  Since our office is closed, if you need/want to communicate with us about your ad please email Ads@TheSuffieldObserver.com 

To our readers, please remember that our advertisers are our neighbors, who support this paper and our community in good times and bad. If you are looking for a take-out meal, necessary services, flower delivery to cheer up a loved one, or supplies of any kind, please help them through this challenging time by taking advantage of the services that they provide. Thank you.

The staff of The Suffield Observer  

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