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February concluded our youth basketball season with Suffield Parks and Recreation. As my first season of basketball comes to a close, I am very thankful to be able to have worked with so many dedicated volunteers, staff and coaches. It was their loyalty that made this season such a success for our Suffield youth!

This winter Suffield Parks and Recreation employed several energetic and dedicated high schoolers to assist with the program. They brought an eagerness to stay active, work with you, and help in their community. These young people brought their own experience and love of the game with them each Saturday. 

With the collaboration with some enthusiastic basketball coordinators from our surrounding towns, this winter season we were able to offer “travel” games for our Grade 5-8th boys and girls Teams. This was very helpful for all the departments involved, as our numbers tend to be lower for the upper grade levels, and the teams get a chance to play many other teams throughout the season. 

A huge shout out to the many coaches that dedicated their weekends to our Suffield youth for the season! Without them, our season would not have been a success!

Neil Alteri

Tim Monahan

Jeff Viggiano

Cassandra Dilorenzo

Ryan Walters

Brandon Smith

Jamie Deenihan

Tim Ludwig

Anthony Migliozzi

Matthew Hoffman

Mike Devries

Anthony Delucco 

Mike Dilorenzo

John Wiley

Keith Pixton

Rob Matejek

Scott Fleury

Scott Weinstein

Brandon Hayward

Chris Devanney

George VanCott

Joe Artioli

Kristen Lombardo

Matthew Wojtas

Robert Whitten

Tyler Morissette

Christine Phillips

Dave Melanson

Karen Conway

Steve Vincent

Tony Keough

Julia Farroni

Brain Knowles

Jerry Vega

Derek Donnelly

Patty Uricchio

Ryan Cosmini 

Dan Burke

Greg Flynn

James Low

Jeff Walton 

Chris Farroni 

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