Spring Has Sprung

After a long winter, Suffield Parks and Recreation is excited to be offering a variety of programming for various ages this spring! From tee ball to tennis, and e-sports to Lego, there is something fun for everyone. Register early as enrollment is limited.

eSports for Gamers Launched

Suffield Parks and Recreation expands its recreational opportunities with the addition of eSports programs. eSports engages video gamers to compete against each other in organized virtual leagues and in-person tournaments.

Bowling Buddies Zoom into the New Year!

The need for community connections and meaningful events and activities has always been essential, but during these challenging and uncertain times during the COVD-19 pandemic, it has become even more vital.

Parks & Rec Made it Work in 2020

As our calendars turn to the final page of 2020, I would like to offer a synopsis of the Parks and Recreation programs and activities during this unique year. We have become familiar with the challenges faced by private and public organizations in performing their traditional functions, and this context is important as one considers the programming offered to our citizens during this period.

Enrichment Program

Peter LeClerc is a busy man these days. In addition to his regular duties as Director of Parks and Recreation here in Suffield, he is also managing a new COVID-related project called S-PREP, shorthand for Suffield Parks and Recreation Enrichment Program.

Staying Connected as a Community During Covid-19

The Parks and Recreation Department has continued to offer a variety of new, engaging and fun programs during the fall for families to enjoy after a very busy and enriching summer.

A Quiet Day at the Beach

It was a record-matching 99 degrees at mid-day on Sunday, July 19, and still mighty hot in the late afternoon, when this photo at the north end of Babb’s Beach was taken.

Just Floating

These two friends chatted comfortably as they drifted near the shore at White’s Pond in mid-July.

Follow Through!

February concluded our youth basketball season with Suffield Parks and Recreation. As my first season of basketball comes to a close, I am very thankful to be able to have worked with so many dedicated volunteers, staff and coaches.