Peru Field Trip

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Photo provided by Paul Anderson.

In a February field trip, SHS students are pictured at the popular viewpoint overlooking Machu Picchu, a World Heritage Site.

In February, thirteen SHS students traversed the entire country of Peru having the opportunity to explore many aspects and settings of Peruvian life: the urban setting in Lima, ancient civilizations and communities in Cuzco, and the various island locations around Puno.

The students also volunteered time and donated more than 125 pounds of school supplies to students at a remote elementary school. Our students traveled to Machu Picchu to explore one of the Wonders of the Ancient World. They experienced unique traditions and customs on the floating islands of Uros. Students also shared a meal and danced with the native peoples of Taquile Island.

This thoughtful and adventurous group of students thrived as they interacted with vendors, guides, and local artisans. They tried new cuisines, took part in customs such as the Pachamama, and fed the llamas and alpacas.

Through their travels the SHS students demonstrated cultural awareness and strong leadership. They represented our community proudly, earning compliments for their open-minded exploration, inquisitive nature, and respectful behavior.

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