ShopRite Kindness Awards

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Each month Suffield High School chooses a student to receive the ShopRite Kindness Award. This award is given to a student who has shown kindness in one way or another. The student chosen has demonstrated one or more of the following characteristics: exemplary citizenship, civic awareness, responsibility, leadership, commitment to others and helping others. In addition to the honorary recognition, ShopRite will donate $50 to the charity of the student’s choice.

Cami and Cassie Bosco

Congratulations to Cami and Cassie Bosco who were chosen to receive the ShopRite Kindness Award for November. Cami and Cassie were nominated by Ms. Kate McCluskey and Ms. Samantha Schrager. Cami and Cassie are both very involved with the Interact Club, and they are willing to step in and help in any way they can. Some examples of their willingness include helping at Suffield on the Green, prepping meals for Loaves and Fishes, food drives, and Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army. Both girls organized and ran the SHS blood drive this year for the Red Cross. They are very committed to civic awareness and helping others. In addition to community service, Cami and Cassie are members of the girls’ soccer team. Cami has been involved with our Manufacturing to Marketing project this year. Both girls exemplify leadership in and out of the classroom. They are conscientious, creative and thoughtful students. In addition to their exemplary academic achievements, they both demonstrate the qualities highlighted by this honor.

Sophia D’Addario

Congratulations to Sophia D’Addario who was chosen to receive the ShopRite Kindness Award for December. Sophia was nominated by Ms. Kelly Blais. She is responsible, helps others and shows a commitment to others. Throughout class, she is always willing to take the time to help her classmates with questions they may have related to content. During one of the class units, she took the responsibility to help teach and then conduct a 15-minute component of class. She did so positively, and with a lot of patience. She always completes her work, on time and to the best of her ability. She is a student that other students like to be around, and she is respected and appreciated by everyone who is in the room. Sophia has chosen the Appalachian Mountain Club as her charity.

Congratulations to our wonderful students for being nominated for their Kindness. As the saying goes, “Kindness Matters.”

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