Enjoying a Nice May Afternoon

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One paddler reaches out to steady her kayak as the wake wave of a passing speedboat approaches. The couple was drifting and paddling in the late afternoon sun on Middle Pond off Babb’s Beach. Photo by Lester Smith

The first Saturday in May wasn’t so great, but Sunday was just delightful, and many folks took to the town’s trails and fields and water.  

On a brief tour that afternoon, this reporter found parking at the intersection of Mountain and Phelps Roads crowded as hikers were off on the Metacomet Trail and the trails at the two Alcorn nature preserves.

At Babb’s Park, not yet officially open, two couples were basking in lawn chairs on the beach and a young mother was playing with her daughter in and out of the water as quite a few boats were quietly cruising and noisily speeding on Middle Pond.  And at Sunrise Park there were a number of fishing parties, three kayaks on the pond, and enough cars parked by the pavilion to suggest plenty of folks on the trails there, too.  The new playground still awaits an official opening, but it now boasts a long bench donated in memory of Glenn Packard by the SHS Class of ’79.

Fly fisherman Hugh Corr casts onto the waters of White’s Pond on the first Sunday in May. He enjoys tying his own flies and claims good success. Photo by Lester Smith

Who would have thought that on the following May weekend, Sunday afternoon would be windy at 32 degrees with light snow flurries?

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