Flash Parade Rules Planned

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Photo by Lester Smith

In this recent rainy evening parade, Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Association vehicles were followed by fire engines, police cars, dump trucks, and a Mini-bus.

One of the many subjects reported in the lengthy minutes (22 pages) of the May 6 virtual meeting of the Board of Selectmen was the recent informal parades that have been held in honor or in recognition of individual residents.  These events often include Town vehicles whose participation is suggested or volunteered.  The parades were described as wonderful, bringing joy to many, but some folks have approached the First Selectman “to express concern over perceived inequities over who gets to have them for their children or loved ones.”  This reporter has had the pleasure of viewing two such parades and another for a class of individuals, reported in this publication of the Observer.  For all three, their justification seemed unquestionable.

The minutes continue, reporting that “. . . we need to be mindful of providing such opportunities equally to all residents.”  Accordingly, the First Selectman, for equity and to conserve the Town’s limited resources, has asked the three chiefs – police, fire and ambulance – to prepare a formal application process, which will be widely published. 

To coin a motto: Sic semper legitimus.

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