Teachers Tour Town for Their Students

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Photo by Suzanne Richardson-White

Teachers, some with their own children along, wave from their cars as they pass by a small group on Phelps Road. From there the procession turned down Mountain Road and returned to Sheldon Street to loop around Taintor, Hale, and Remington and cover some south central neighborhoods.

On April 7, after four weeks of “distance learning” at home, Suffield students of Spaulding and McAlister got to see their teachers again in a lovely gesture organized by the staffs of both schools: a motorized teachers’ parade that covered almost every street in town.  For many home-bound families, it was a happy, welcome gesture.

Teacher Parade coming down Mapleton Avenue. Photo by Jay Presser

The event took some planning, as Suffield has over 70 miles of Town roads in addition to the State highways, and the children live all over town.  The route was carefully laid out to include as many of their homes as possible, and it was publicized in advance so families on streets like Day Avenue could arrange to walk out to the through road nearby to wave as the parade passed.  Dozens of cars participated, with teachers waving “Hi!,” drivers honking, and signs on the windows.

Photo by Jay Presser

The event began at Fleming Field by the East Street Fire Station and ended at Kent Memorial Library.  It was scheduled for 1 to 3 p.m., but it took a lot longer than that to cover the long route.  There were lots of smiles at the roadside as well as on the paraders.  And there must have been big smiles too on the firefighters driving the two big vehicles that ended the long procession.  Young kids always like fire engines.

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