Town Services Honor Local Health Workers

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Photo by Lester Smith

Health care workers and one of the patients at Suffield House wave as the Fire Department’s big tower truck passes by. Observer columnist Mary Anne Zack, seated center in a red jacket, adds her wave as another fire engine approaches the corner of the facility’s perimeter road.

In another big parade, Suffield first responders assembled an impressive array of ambulances, fire engines, police cars and highway department trucks and drove slowly past Suffield by the River, then up the private connecting road and back past the full length of the Suffield House nursing home in a loud and bright demonstration of appreciation for the hazardous duties of the health care workers.  Both facilities had prepared for the event with signs and balloons expressing their own appreciation.  At Suffield House, where the Observer’s photographer had been invited, the staff had helped some patients outside in their wheelchairs, others viewed the spectacle through their windows.  

Over two dozen cars followed the Town trucks, including a number of Town officials and Rep. Tami Zawistowski.  The parade took place after lunch on Friday, May 8.  

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