Breakfast of Champions

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Photo by the author

Tea Rose

What do coffee grounds and eggshells have in common? Both of these commonly tossed out items will do your garden a favor if incorporated into the soil. Feel free to rake coffee grounds into the top layer of your garden plot. This thoughtful procedure will add the following nutrients to the soil: copper, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. Too much of store-bought and home-grown produce has been planted and raised on overused, lifeless soil. Also, coffee grounds can make a healthy mulch for your plants and will improve the soil’s texture. Mediocre rose bushes may evolve into champions!

Save those eggshells! Crush and mix them into your vegetable garden which will add calcium to your plants. Remember, “You are what you eat.” Calcium will encourage plants to thrive and will help blossoms to live longer without rotting or prematurely falling off. I don’t appreciate slithery, snacking slugs but, guess what! They don’t appreciate scratchy, crumbly eggshells. Therefore, slugs will be impaled or will slither away.

So, dear reader, after eating breakfast, nourish your gardens as well with coffee grounds and eggshells – the breakfast of champions!

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